Joshua Taylor


Since a very young age, I knew that radio was what I wanted to do. It all started when listening to a community station whilst on holiday in Yorkshire. Ever since I first turned on that FM speaker, I couldn’t stop listening to the radio. Over the years, I built up my own studio at home (which is constantly evolving I should say!) and started to produce my own shows.

Over the last few years, I have gained a loyal listener base and won an award for my service to community radio from my local radio station.

Radio has a special power that I feel no other media platform does; to connect with listeners on a really personal level. Radio is always there for you, and it always provides a friend when you need one the most. It is always there for you, and welcomes anyone no matter what. It has the power to connect us all and to brighten even the darkest of winter’s days.

I’ve lived in Scotland my whole life, and music has always been my top passion. That’s why I’m so grateful to the team at NOW Radio for giving me the opportunity to get you home every weekday with the biggest hits from the 80s to NOW on the NOW Drive Home from 4-7.