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Exclusive: Lindsey Lomis Talks Single “Outta Sight (On My Mind),” Touring With Bruno Major, & More

today17 November, 2023 1

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Lindsey Lomis has new music out.

The rising singer-songwriter has been making waves in the music world thanks to her unique brand of pop music and now she is getting candid about her creative process performing for, and more.

Join us below for his words on these topics and so much more…

That Grape Juice (Ryan): Hi Lindsey, it is nice to e-meet you. I am a big fan of your music, but for those who are new to your sound, can you briefly go into your backstory?

Nice to e-meet you too! So glad you like the music 🙂

I’m a singer songwriter from Nashville. My parents aren’t in music but they’re big fans of it, so I grew up going to see live shows which is where I fell in love with the world of music. Describing my sound is a little tricky as I pull inspiration from many different genres, but if I had to break it down I write pop music with indie/pop production, jazzy chords, and soulful vocals!

That Grape Juice: Your latest single, “Outta Sight (On My Mind),” is out now. Can you tell me a bit about the inspiration for the song?

I wrote “Outta Sight (On My Mind)” after talking to this guy that didn’t live in the same city as me for several months. I was out with my friends one night when he called me, so I quickly ran to the bar bathroom to answer it. I stayed in there for a while talking to him. All my friends were making fun of me when I finally came out. I remember coming into the session with Ariza and Kole, my collaborators, talking about how most of my time is spent on the phone with this guy and he consumes most of my thoughts even when he’s not there. So we wrote about it. It all started with the flip of the phrase “outta sight, outta mind.” He was, literally, outta sight but on my mind.

That Grape Juice: How do you feel about all the praise you have been receiving not only for the song, but for your music in general?

I honestly just feel incredibly lucky and endlessly thankful. This has been my dream since before I can remember. I released my first song when I was 12. I’ve been working for a decade to get to where I am. This is a crazy career where you question your validity every single day. So when I get any ounce of support, I don’t take it lightly. I feel so grateful not only for the people I don’t know who support me, but for my family and team who have had my back for so long. This somehow still feels like the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what else happens!

That Grape Juice: You recently performed “Outta Sight (On My Mind)” for, what does this mean for you and how was the experience?

When I was first told I received the opportunity to perform my song for I of course, freaked. Anything Grammy related feels like a huge deal because it is! I got the opportunity during tour opening for Bruno Major and the only time I had to film it was when I was back in LA for the LA shows. I filmed it before soundcheck and edited it after, eager to hear what they thought. The response has been so kind and it’s a massive honor to have been included in the series.

That Grape Juice: You just finished a tour with Bruno Major, what was your favorite part about being on the road?

Tour with Bruno was honestly perfect. I have been a massive fan of Bruno’s for years. If you need proof, I even entered a contest 4 years ago to open for him in NYC and won it! I was 16 and it was the night after my sophomore prom. I won a beautiful D’Angelico guitar too and talked about that show for years. It was one of my favorite shows I’ve ever had the privilege of playing. Four years later on this month long tour – I played the same guitar I won from that contest every night. It was incredibly full circle. My favorite part of this tour was watching Bruno’s set. As a fan it is so inspiring watching him play guitar and interact with his extremely talented band. They were all so welcoming to me and I had the time of my life!

That Grape Juice: Now that your song “Outta Sight (On My Mind)” is blowing up, what can fans expect next? Another single, maybe an album?

There is definitely more to come…:) These next songs are the first songs I’ve independently released since I was 16 years old. I am so excited for people to hear what I’ve been working on. I’m more inspired than ever and as I’ve grown I’ve become much more intentional with my art. This is the start of a new chapter!

That Grape Juice: What does the next year hold for Lindsey Lomis?

The next year holds many firsts for me. I have some exciting things up my sleeve that I’ve never done before. It’s going to be a year of learning and honing my craft.


Check out Lindsey’s latest single, ‘Handle With Care,’ below:

Your thoughts?

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